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Dear Sir, I have new about 2 tons of spare parts here mostly for E-Ton Yukon Viper 150, something for E-Ton 250 (and the same thing as the E-Ton 300). There is a new engine complete 150, then lots of small parts such as clutches, drums, chains, blinkers, gearbox parts. About 15 crankshafts for E-Ton 250 (of course, it fits all SYM 250 ... ie Gamax 250, SYM 250, TGB 250). I have one complete SYM 250 engine. A much kilo of special screws, etc. I guess it's clear to you that these are market debris. E-ton has not done the quads long ago. So I do not have all  parts.

>>> The parts in section DATABASE ETON are real on own stock and "Parts on stock" is thrue information.
Before I work out a useful way to find the piece what you need, feel free to contact me with